Frequently Asked Questions


What makeup brands do you use, and are the makeup brands you work with good for photography?

In my kit you will find a variety of makeup brands for all different skin types and tones and textures. I champion clean beauty brands like: Kosas, ILIA , Weleda, RMS Beauty and Lily Lolo. I also stock conventional beauty brands like: M.A.C, Nars, Glosier, Laura Mercier and many more. Every item photographs well and gives the ultimate vibrance on camera.

Do you do airbrush makeup?

Yes, and I have taught many makeup masterclasses on how to airbrush to other makeup artists. An additional fee is required for airbrush makeup.

Do you do bridal makeup trials? What is included in my makeup trial?

Yes, I require them! During your bridal trial, I consult with you on your desired bridal makeup look and execute the look in full collaboration with you. Once we are settled on a look, I take pictures and document the details to execute on the wedding date.

When and where do you do bridal makeup trials? How long does a makeup trial take?

Bridal trails are conducted 2-3 months prior to your wedding date. Trials are 2 hours long and are conducted at your home or a location of your choice. Please notify me in advance if you’re aware that you’re allergic to any specific ingredients.

Do you charge an on-location fee? How far can you travel?

If your event is within Chicagoland, there is no on-location fee as this is built into my rate. If your event is over 50 miles outside of downtown Chicago, there is an additional travel fee. Although I am a Chicago based makeup artist, I am willing to travel both nationally and internationally. Additional fees and accommodations are required. Please inquire directly if you require national or international travel.

Will I be your only event on my wedding day?

Not necessarily. Due to the high demand of booking, there is a chance that I will be committing to a particular time frame. I will ensure everyone in your party receives the services they want and this will be coordinated in advance.

Do you do hair as well?

I can do hair that are more suited for photo shoots or a simple style. For weddings, I concentrate on makeup. When it comes to hair, I leave it to my team of hair stylists who can give you the proper attention and skill you need for your most important day.

Can you recommend someone for bridal hair?

Yes, I have a team of hairstylists that I work with often. All of which are dependable, easy to collaborate with and specialize in bridal hair styles and hair extensions.

Does makeup or hair go first?

Having your hair done first before makeup is preferred. I also recommend the same for the Mother of the Bride. Heat from the hairdryer can cause sweating and hair in the face may distort the makeup.

Will my makeup last all night? What if I cry?

Yes, your makeup will last, you will just have to touch up your lipstick along with a possible face powder touch up. All of the products I use for a bridal makeup have been tested for long-wear, non-smudging and tenacity! For the eyes, waterproof is key so that if you cry it will not disrupt the makeup. With 17 years of doing wedding makeup, you can rest assured that I know all the tricks to overcome all that might arise on your wedding day.

How can I touch up my lips or face? Can I get those products from you?

After your trial I will send you a link of any recommended products to purchase on your own for touching up. Including lipstick, and powder!

What if I am not used to wearing makeup?

You have nothing to worry about. I specialize in the no-makeup, makeup look. I will investigate all of your concerns and ensure you are playing an active role in the entire process.

Is there a wedding party minimum? What size of party can you accommodate?

There is no minimum. I can accommodate parties of 7 or less on my own, and for parties of 8 or more, I will bring an assistant.

Do you require a deposit?

A $150 deposit is due in advance, no more than 10 days after your trial date. Your trial fee is paid at the time of service.

When is the final balance due?

On the wedding date at the time of your makeup application or prior via online transaction.

How can I book you for my wedding?

Click on my on-line booking tool and fill out the information and details about your event. I will contact you within 1-2 business days of your submission to book.

General Makeup & Services

Do you do makeup applications for events other than weddings?

Yes. I am available for any type of event where you want to look your best, or support your project. Whether it’s a photo or video shoot, a charity function, personal appearance, or any special occasion, I’ve got your back! Click on my on-line booking tool to receive information about the services I offer.

Do you do Private Makeup Lessons?

Yes. I am a teacher at heart so I really enjoy providing lessons. Lessons are 90 minutes on a topic of your choice and highly interactive. From makeup basics to advanced techniques to insider industry tips, there’s very little in the makeup realm that I cannot teach you.

Do you ever do makeup workshops or parties for a group of people?

Yes. Workshops are conducted quarterly in Chicago. Makeup parties are accommodated by request. So get your favorite group of people together for a fun night of glam! And wine, of course.

Do you have experience in Ethnic/Acne/Mature skin types?

Yes. Having worked for MAC Cosmetics for 17 years, we were trained to perfect our skills on every skin tone, skin type and skin texture. As the Regional Trainer for MAC, I have trained hundreds of makeup artists to meet every individual’s specific needs, and to personalize the makeup to complement all unique features.

What other types of makeup are you comfortable executing?

Not only do I specialize in beauty makeup, I also have a strong background in editorial makeup, body painting and character makeup with certain prosthetics. Halloween & Holidays are one of my busiest times of year.

Clean Beauty

What is clean beauty?

Clean beauty utilizes natural materials with safe ingredients backed by a standard that ensures attentive evaluation. The clean beauty standards consider human and environmental health, using a nontoxic element as a baseline and plant-based ingredients for active results. This combination makes it safer for people and the planet! Clean beauty is likened to the idea of clean eating, where the focus is on organic, plant-based and whole foods that deliver a healthy digestive and immune system, while avoiding processed foods as much as possible. Clean beauty holistically supports an overall clean lifestyle. And the benefits can be nothing short of amazing.

Why is clean beauty Important?

So many reasons! The number one reason being that we now know that clean beauty helps support your overall health and well being. Here’s why: The last time the United States Congress passed any law regulation on the safety of personal care products was in 1938. In the past 80+ years, tens of thousands of chemicals/ingredients have been introduced and included in personal care products from cosmetics, skin care, hair care and perfume. The European Union bans about 1,300 ingredients from personal care products and the United States only bans 11. With little to no testing, the FDA allows chemicals into our personal care products that are known toxins, endocrine disrupters (hormone disrupters) and chemicals linked to causing cancer. Therefore, the products we use on ourselves and families to make us clean & pretty are actually really harmful to our health.

Should ditch my conventional beauty items and replace everything with clean beauty items?

This is subjective and based on many personal variables. The best place to start is to use clean beauty products for your everyday cosmetics, hair care, perfume and other personal care products. Also use clean beauty on the largest surfaces of the body: i.e. body lotion, skin care, foundation and hair care. If you use clean beauty daily and reserve conventional beauty for special occasions, you will be better off. Think of it this way: if you eat a clean organic diet daily, the random day loaded with simple carbs and sugar won’t affect you in the big picture.