CLEAN BEAUTY Enthusiast?

Why Clean Beauty

In 2002, I became a professional makeup artist.  At that time everyone wanted the Paris Hilton smokey eye, nude-pink lip gloss and the best faux tan possible. The “J.Lo Glow” and The Kardashians (that we know today) didn’t even exist. Heck, the iPhone didn’t exist yet, the flip phone was all the rage.

Now we that we are in the Instagram era, makeup and style trends have evolved, and so has technology. Throughout the years, cosmetic companies have worked hard to become innovative with creating the most jaw dropping product formulations, textures, packaging, long wear claims and astute marketing.

Did you know that more people today are wearing more makeup than ever in history? According to statista, in the year 2018, the U.S. witnessed foundation sales at $985 Million, mascara sales at $914.26 Million (all eye products worth $2.1 Billion) and lipstick sales at $667.2 Million. As a professional makeup artist this has been wonderful because I can help more people than ever.

Sales in the U.S, 2018

Foundation $ 985 Million
Mascara $ 914.26 Million
Lipstick $ 667.2 Million

Now let’s stop and think about this… over the last 10 years, thousands of new cosmetic, skin and personal care brands were conceived, all looking to source similar materials.  By default the materials and ingredients need to be inexpensive and available, so what’s really going on and in the products we are applying to ourselves, and our families, to be clean and pretty?

This is the question I asked myself in 2015 and that is when my journey into clean beauty began.